Syed Mohammad Yunus

Syed Mohammad Yunus is qualified as professional social worker and development communication expert. He is a recipient of prestigious Independent research fellowship (2006) of SARAI, a program of centre of developing societies (CSDS). He has an intensive experience of working in rural communities especially with women on livelihoods issue and had been an actively involved in improving agribusiness supply chains. Film making, Designing training and learning modules and Project Management are strong forte for Yunus especially using participatory techniques.

Yunus has directed and produced more than 50 films and videos for variety of clients. Yunus is an all days Biryani fan. In his free time apart from swimming and exploring new books, he creates funny learning activities for his two lovely daughters.

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Chandra Kishore Jha

Chandra Kishore Jha, has more than 10 years of experience in the field of international social standards, and is an expert in managing dynamic situations in the supply chains. His studies in Human rights & Industrial Relations, Apparel Production, and experience in manufacturing sector gives him edge to provide pragmatic and sustainable solutions. He is passionate about empowering workers and improving working conditions in supply chain.

With iMentor he has led work in the formal as well as informal sectors in verification, research & surveys, and advisory in supply chains of footwear, accessories, apparels, hard goods, agriculture produce. A villager by heart and spiritual essence in his life, his tact and straight forward questioning never misses the point.

Meenakshi Goyal

Meenakshi Goyal is an enthusiastic development professional with more than 7 years of experience in various grassroots NGOs. She has extensively worked in rural communities on Health, Education, Livelihood, Entitlements and Awareness. What stands out as her expertise are, firstly, facilitation project in 10 villages with women's self help groups for enterprise building & market support. Meenakshi has also produced many radio programme on entitlements for a community radio channel she supervised under UNICEF project.

What drives her into her role is the commitment towards serving wellbeing of vulnerable sections of the society. Meenakshi loves Art & Craft at her spare time and she is a big fan of Classical dance. Her strong belief is "The starting point of all the achievements is desire"

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Aziz Ur Rehman

Aziz Ur Rehman is the co-founder director at iMentor and an expert in Supply chain assurance programme. He has been advising global brands and certifications systems to promote labor rights across multiple sectors in formal and informal manufacturing environments of all sizes, including agriculture.

Aziz has crossed more than 500 manufacturing units and farms in over 14 countries. Qualified as a Social Work professional, he has expertise in creating multistakeholder engagement to set up social standards, verification & certification methodologies, and establishing implementation systems, rooted to impact and transform the lives of workers. Aziz is known to be family man and says, "What more do you want, when you have a lovely wife and three super cool daughters to return to!"

Mohammed Zaid

Professionally qualified in Graphics & Animation from AJK-MCRC-Jamia Millia Islamia a leading Mass Communication institution in Asia, Mohammed Zaid is a highly creative and multitalented Graphic Designer, cinematographer and films Editor.

He creatively deals with cinematography for commercial music, videos, feature films and documentaries. He has been working freelancing for 7 years as a cinematographer on narratives, commercials, music- videos, and corporate media.

He expresses fables using lights, opus, and shades, and choreographs camera drive in alliance with action and rhythm and makes each image contain a mystery, a riddle, inducing sentiment and linking them to the creative story.

He is fascinated by nature, light, art, people, movement and real life.

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Syed Mohammad Faisal

Faisal is a Visual Artist from Delhi, photography is his Forte, and when not at it, he can be found Gardening, making wood assemblage Sculptures, and painting in no Particular order.

With a Masters in Fine Arts, his additional expertise are in Illustration, Stop Motion Animation, and Painting. He was awarded by Yes Bank under top 10 best short films for 2014 for his Stop Motion Animation Film and made an Animation Film of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2015.

He has undertaken assignments including Photo Documentation for NGOs, , Campaign Design and Photography for iMentor Book, Illustrations and cover designs for Education publication house, Paintings for Hotels and interior Designers, Illustration for Awards Contract Advertising, Cinematography of Documentary Film on Akhtar Ul Imam-Urdu Poet, Conceptual Shoot and Lighting for adidas. He has done Products photography for various Clients. Pictured the frames for 'A Year Book Album for Mother's Pride School' . He also participated in Group Exhibition at MG Hussain Art Galeery in 2013.

Abu Zar Ali

Abu Zar Ali, an eager beaver, has completed his Journalism Courses from Noida International University as a topper He is also proud to be suspended for his courageous documentary 'The Conflicted Paradise'. He is fascinated about knowing other languages and is very inquisitive about world revelation and latest news. As a realist to his core he has exhibited his proclivity to practicality by working at iMentor's amiable environment that implements the non-fictional root to present their creation. He holds great regard for ingenuity and has made more than 50+ promotional videos and more than 50+ wedding videos, and has also framed many documentaries.

He believes that time is ever fleeting and so utilizes it productively. With the passage of years, he has managed to attain great conversation skills and understands that people are an inexhaustible source of knowledge and wisdom. He considers his family as the greatest benediction in his life.

As a nature lover, he has travelled to many distant places and lands to capture the beauty of exquisite and colourful landscape in his camera. Apart from having a hard working soul, he is also inclined towards different flavours of food and cuisines.

For him life is a combination of Mind and Soul.

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Sumbul Usmani

Sumbul Usmani is an assistant programme officer for iMentor. Working towards her Master of social work, she has successfully completed her graduation from the University of Delhi in English Discipline. Sumbul has worked with Breakthrough organization where she supported Delhi implementation team and CNA project. Sumbul has also worked with Livon brand as a marketing intern.

When she is not glued to a computer screen, she spends time reading about philosophy, self-reflection and motivation. Her belief about everyone has a story draw her interest to film-making. A chatterbox on one side and as silent as sea on the other. She believes that everyone is a source of magic in this world. For her, mental health is as important as physical health.

Ahmed Farhan Khan

Ahmed Farhan Khan based in Cairo for last 14 Years with a vast experience in international trade. He is an explorer and has travelled to more than 40 countries in search actual sources of genuine Hand crafted artisan products. His travels have taken him to big factories but often in remotest villages and by lanes of artisan and worker communities. This is where he developed a passion & vision to serve artisan and workers of the world.

For iMentor, he manages the Middle East and Africa region as the Head Partnerships-MEA. He completed his Master in Business Administration has attended over 100+ B2B exhibitions understanding the clients and their needs of socially responsible supply chains. He has a fancy shrimps and love travelling with his wife and adorable son.

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Lubha Raj Neupane

Lubha Raj Neupane

Lubha Raj Neupane is a leading development practitioner who has extensive experience on right based approach especially focusing on human rights, labor standards, decent works and sustainable development. As Executive Director for 6 years Lubha has led with Nepal GoodWeave Foundation having its 22 years history of being viable initiative to actively address child labor and other decent work issues in the carpet industry and in brick industry in Nepal. Lubha also worked as National Program Coordinator for Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal and Executive Director of Humanitarians’ Trust for Children Nepal.

With extensive leadership experience for more than 15 years in development sector, Lubha is seasoned in developing sustainability standards, their auditing procedures, coordinating and consulting with diverse stakeholders, facilitating labor standards processes, and has technical expertise in applying sustainability standards in the industry with out of box initiatives. His effort have shown significant improvement in the working conditions of target carpet and brick factories in Nepal. Lubha holds Dual Master’s degrees - in Rural Development and Sociology/Anthropology from Tribhuwan University in Nepal. Lubha is equally active in carrying out applied researches, providing technical and advisory support in development field.

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